Do They Know It’s Christmas…

I’ve been trying to write this post for over a week, but it has been next to impossible to get anything accomplished over the last 10 days – let alone find 30 minutes of quiet to write.

To start with, for the second year in a row Mason came home from school the week before winter break started with some sort of plague that wiped out everyone in the house but Kaleb.  It all started with a cough.  Then the runny nose, the fever, the aches, that damn cough… Mase was Patient Zero, Daddy went down next, and then I succumbed as well.  I think I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating – Mason is the most miserable human being on the face of the planet when he is sick.  It’s almost unbearable.  And I don’t just mean as a mom who hates to see her babies not feeling well.  He is a whiny, screaming, squealing bag of incoherent misery.  Everything is cause for nuclear meltdown.  Every.  Single.  Thing.


The wheels on the bus are making noise when he plays with it on the windowsill.  The sheets on his bed aren’t pulled perfectly tight.  The television isn’t loud enough.  His dinosaur won’t stand up.  His shirt is crooked.  His pants are touching his ankles.  Every.  Single.  Little.  Thing.  He screams, and he cries (and he coughs) and he throws everything he’s got into it – like he’s in the final battle at Mordor and everything depends on his war cry distracting Sauron from Frodo tossing the ring.

Of course, as if this isn’t bad enough, dealing with sick Mason after he got you sick too is just cruel and unusual punishment.  Especially when by the time you get really sick he’s starting to feel better and all you want to do is curl up and sleep, but all he wants to do is play airplanes on your face.

So, Mason came home sick, and it all went downhill from there.  Daddy was sick by Monday, I was down for the count by Wednesday.

Tuesday afternoon a neighbor friend from down the street was preparing to move and getting rid of some furniture.  She was selling an absolutely gorgeous entertainment stand, and as fate would have it, we were in desperate need of something better than the junk we were using.  So, with the help of our neighbor, poor Daddy dragged his miserably sick butt out of bed to lug the thing home.  Where it sat in pieces for four days because we were both too sick and tired to take the old ones out and put the new one back together.

Then, for the third time in 8 months a leak sprung up somewhere in the house.  Luckily, Daddy is hyper observant (I probably wouldn’t have heard it for another week) and caught it rather quickly (or so we thought).  So, off went the water while he tried to figure out where it was coming from.  Even after getting all creative with a broken headphone and some random software, he still wasn’t able to find it, so it was time to call in the reinforcements.

On Thursday it took two leak detection guys and over four hours to find this stupid leak – though they did manage to also break the valve in the garage which now has to be rebuilt.  Yet again we are faced with cutting another hole in the garage floor.  Only this time, it’s in the most inconvenient place possible – under Daddy’s tool box, next to the billion pound workbench.  So the garage was rearranged (again), the concrete cut into (again), the leak fixed (again), and another giant mess to be cleaned up (again).  But at least we had running water.  Living in a house with three sick people and only turning the water on a few times a day to fill pitchers and toilets was not my idea of fun.

In the meantime, I had promised the boys that we would make Christmas cookies for their classes, and go shopping for their teachers on Wednesday & Thursday.  Without water.  We did manage to get the cookies baked on Wednesday, and then decorated while they sought out the leak on Thursday.  Followed by a trip to three stores.  With miserable Mason, and miserable Mommy.  Suffice it to say there was a lot of screaming and crying involved.

We did eventually find the energy to put the new entertainment center together on Friday – and it’s freaking amazing.  Well, until Daddy had to spend hours and hours running wires – that wasn’t so awesome – but now that it’s all together, I’m in love with it!

Just to make matters better – or not – Kaleb is back to binge eating whatever he can scavenge while we are all sleeping.  I’m not going into massive detail on this today, I just don’t have it in me to hash out right now.  But it’s a big problem, and one I’m getting really desperate to put an end to before he ends up making himself really sick.  I actually have a lot to say on the subject – so look for it another day.

So, getting back to it.  While all of this is going on, the neighborhood is having their yearly judging of everyone’s Christmas decorations.  I am obsessed with this competition.  I don’t have any idea why it plagues me the way it does – but for years I have been fixated.  I want that damn sign, and I want it badly.  So every year my poor husband goes above and beyond to win it for me.  The lights dance to music playing from the entrance way.  And not just the house lights.  The lights around the flowerbeds dance too.  Then he set up a projector and screen and we played Christmas movies, handed out popcorn (after he fixed my popcorn machine) and hot chocolate (a challenge with no water) and had ourselves a grand old time with a bunch of friends and neighbors.

We didn’t win by the way.  One of our neighbors did (Congrats!) – I swear next year that sign is mine.

Regardless of the stupid award, the movies on the yard was really cool, and when you add in the dancing lights and speakers Daddy added to the golf cart we are totally Christmas obnoxious – and I adore it.

So now here I sit, still coughing but no longer wishing for a faster death, four days until Christmas.  My house is a shining beacon of musical festivity, my living room looks like real grown-ups live here, all the Christmas cookies are gone and we still haven’t put the star on the tree – but things could be worse.  They could be better, sure.  But they could be so, so much worse.

Even with all the chaos of the holidays, the parenting wins and fails, the stress that comes with life in general – I’m grateful this week.  I get to spend Christmas with my family.  I’m blessed enough to see the looks of joy and awe on my kids faces Friday morning when they see that Santa has made his way here after all (there were some close calls this week).  I’ll be able to share a meal with family, laugh and talk and sing and play with those I hold dear.  And that’s one hell of a good Christmas gift.

Merry whatever-you-celebrate folks.  Here’s hoping 2016 brings good fortune, great joy, and peace to us all.


8 Days a Week…

Okay, it’s been more than a week, so obviously I haven’t been that great at blocking my time to write lately.  Though, to be fair, I spent all day yesterday with the world’s worst headache and the perfect mold of my bottom on the couch to prove it.  I could barely look at written words, let alone be the one writing them!

Mason is sick – we kept him home last Friday because he had a slight fever and a leaky nose.  He was fine Saturday and Sunday, runny nose again Monday, fine Tuesday and Wednesday, and then there was this morning.  The kid’s nose looks like it’s trying to run the Boston Marathon and with all the coughing and sneezing going on he sounds like a bad Allegra commercial.  No fever (hopefully it stays that way), but he’s just about as miserable as he can get.  Currently he’s curled up in bed watching The Backyardigans between bouts of sneezing, coughing, whining, and attempting to fall asleep.  So, after a phone call to cancel an appointment to do dinner tasting for the wedding, a phone call to let his teacher know he was going to be absent from school, and another phone call to let the bus know they don’t have to drive all the way out here, he is officially taking the day off.

The book contest I entered last year starts back up again in less than a month, and I decided to take another go at it.  Probably futile, but what the hell, right?  Of course that means going through and doing a crap pile of editing, which I honestly don’t believe is anybody’s idea of fun (maybe I can blame yesterday’s headache on that).  I guess you never know though, maybe I’ll make it further this year than I did last year.  Truthfully I was shocked I made it past the first round last year, so I might as well throw it out there and see what happens.

Kaleb decided on a 5am treck to our bedroom this morning, which included singing to himself, and driving me, Daddy and Milo all a bit nuts.  Of course, making me crazy seems to be a special kind of talent for him lately.  He’s been super lovey lately – which I adore – except when it entails him gluing himself so tightly to my rear end I can no longer tell where he stops and I begin.  I was all about the snuggling yesterday afternoon, since we spent the majority of the time curled up on the couch watching a How It’s Made marathon.  Until you throw in the fact that my very cute 6 year old is physically incapable of sitting still or staying quiet for more than 30 seconds at a time.  Have I ever mentioned that my child doesn’t posses an inside voice?  As far as I’ve been able to tell, Kaleb has three noise settings – whisper, loud, and ear-shattering, migraine murdering, glass rattling LOUD.  Of course, this third level is the most frequently used, and quite often a source of trouble for the Monster Man.

He spent the weekend trying to scheme up ways to earn 124 points – and he was specific.  This was the number he NEEDED to have.  He needed 100 points for new Legos, 20 points for a new Build & Grow kit from Lowes, and 4 points so he could watch TV at bedtime.  Of course, every time he brought this up I had to remind him that he already had four new Lego sets in the cabinet that hadn’t been built yet (birthday and Christmas presents), and we weren’t buying new ones until the ones he already had were built.  So, of course he spent the rest of the weekend cashing in points to built the sets he already had so he could set about working toward his goal.

I’m still really pleased with the points system, not only is it helping keep him a bit more on the “more cooperation, less trouble making” side of the law in the house, it’s helping him understand the concept of money and spending (something his mother obviously never really learned well).  I’m waiting to hear from the school to schedule another IEP meeting, which, if all goes well, will require some reworking of the points system.  At the last meeting we had, it was decided that we would wait until January to see if he was ready to lose the harness on the bus.  His bus driver commented not that long ago that he felt Kaleb was ready to be done with it – which I’m taking as a very good sign.  Hopefully we can get rid of the thing and be done with it – which means we’ll have to edit the points board, since a good number of the points he earns every day are from wearing the harness to and from school without complaint, getting a 100% on his daily bus log, and actually riding the bus home in the afternoon (there was a good month there where he was refusing to get on and I had to go pick him up every afternoon).

So, I suppose in preparation for this I should start figuring out some replacements.  I’m not sure what though – what kind of chores can I give my stubborn six year old to do around the house?  He makes his bed almost every day (1 point), puts his laundry away when it’s folded (2 points) keeps his dirty clothes in the basket (1 point)… there’s also cleaning his room (1 point), cleaning the living room (2 points – since usually more than half of it is Mason’s mess), flushing the toilet (1 point – you wouldn’t believe how big an issue this has become), brushing his teeth (1 point) with toothpaste (2 points – though thanks to Dr. Barnes, it’s not nearly as much of a fight as it was a couple months ago)…

I mean, I can think up a hundred things to have him do, but rarely are they consistent, need-to-do on a daily basis type of stuff.  I don’t really want him unloading the dishwasher – for one thing, sharp knives, glass and ceramic dish and bakeware… those aren’t a good mix for my pay-no-attention-to-what-I’m-doing kid.  Plus, he can’t reach 90% of the cabinets that contain the items he actually could put away.  We’ve tried the laundry thing before, but aside from the fact that I hate doing laundry, and it’s torture to have to stand there for an additional 40 minutes while he has constant meltdowns because his shirt isn’t folding perfectly – that’s something I tend to do while they’re in school.  So, thoughts on that?  Helpful hints or ideas?  He’s not big enough to push the beast of a vacuum around the house (and come on, I’m not Martha freaking Stewart, my vacuum under almost no circumstances runs more than once a week, at best).  Dusting… see previous statement.  I’m not homemaker of the year.  I’m barely homemaker of the minute on a good day!

finally finished putting up the new decor in Mason’s room (and yes, we are talking almost a year of me trying to accomplish this, if you must know).  Got all the letters down, new posters, shadowboxes, and decals up.  Then came time to touch up the paint in the places it came off with the letters (note to self, maybe using hot glue to attach them to the walls wasn’t the best idea in the world).  Annnnnd I totally screwed the pooch.  Instead of using the light blue paint from Mason’s room, I somehow (I am entirely blaming this one on Daddy, cause he is the one who gave me the paint) managed to use the blue from Kaleb’s room – which is significantly darker.  Doesn’t look like it when it’s wet… sure as heck looked like it dried.  So, now I’m going to have to find the right paint, and paint over the patches of dark blue all over the kids room.  And yes, I painted them all with the wrong paint.  How was I supposed to know paint gets darker when it dries, not lighter?  Is that some sort of universal painter knowledge or something?  Honestly, the last time I painted a wall I came within seconds of trailing paint throughout the entire house in the shape of my footprints (I have pictures to prove it).

I set up Mason’s drum set this weekend too.  I’m already regretting it.  I had to confiscate the drumsticks two days ago because world war three broke out over who got to play the drums (ahem, they are Mason’s drums – Kaleb got a keyboard for Christmas).  Santa should have brought me a nice set of noise-cancelling headphones.  And a bigger bottle of aspirin.  It’s extremely entertaining to watch though, if your ears can handle the racket.  Kaleb knocking out “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the keyboard, and Mason beating the hell out of the drums – they make quite the sight!  Until they decide to try and out-noise each other.  That’s my cue to go hide in a dark corner somewhere.

Oh, and Kaleb has become completely obsessed with time.  Everything from demanding an exact minute dinner will be ready (When it’s done!  That’s when!  Which will be next Thursday if you don’t stop getting under my feet!), to counting down minutes (Mom, it’s 4:58.  Only two more minutes until 5:00 and it will be evening.  Mom, it’s 4:59, only one more minute until it’s evening.  Mom, it’s 5:00, it’s evening now.  Does that mean dinner is ready?), to letting everyone know exactly how many minutes are in how many hours.  Of course, the last one has got me amazed at certain points.  We were sitting at the dinner table talking the other night about the time I took him to Tampa to go see Laurie Berkner (yes.  I drove all the way to Tampa to watch a 45 minute kid’s concert and it was entirely, 100% worth it).  I said something to the effect of spending 6 1/2 hours in the car to take him there and back.  He asked how many minutes are in 6 1/2 hours.  I told him to figure it out – I asked him how many minutes are in 6 hours (expecting this to take a minute, thinking I might be able to get a mouthful of food in), and he immediately says 360.  Ummmm okay… so add thirty minutes.  He immediately starts beaming and says “390!  There are three hundred and ninety minutes in six and a half hours!”  I looked over at Daddy and silently asked if that was right – he took a minute to do the math and agreed that it was.

My six year old is better at math than I am.

Middle school is going to suck.

math word problem

The Wizard…

Kaleb didn’t go to school today.

There were a couple reasons for this.  The first – when I woke him up for school this morning he just started sobbing and telling me he’s so tired.  Well, okay, I woke up at 3am because I could hear him coughing through Mason’s baby monitor.  So I’m sure he really was exhausted.  And I felt horrible for the poor little Monster because I know how little rest you really get when you’re coughing like that all night.

Now I could have dragged his behind out of bed and stuck him on the bus.  But not only would he have most likely yelled loud enough to wake everyone in the house, he probably would have ended up suspended.  It’s bad enough he still isn’t feeling well.  He came home from school yesterday and went straight to the couch to lay down.

Kaleb and Mason laying on the couch after school

Kaleb and Mason laying on the couch after school

Add not feeling well to exhausted and what you’re going to get is a volcanic Kaleb.  Meaning meltdowns.  Violent, sudden meltdowns.  Take right now for example – changing a shirt has turned into a fight between Kaleb and Daddy that somehow went from shirt to playing outside to shirt to apologizing to screaming and crying.  In the span of about fifteen seconds.

On top of all that, their aunt is leaving today to go back home.  She has to head to the train station before school lets out, so Kaleb wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye.    Not that he’s much in the mood for goodbyes right now.

In the meantime, Mason has picked up the cough.  No more fever, but now they’re both coughing and hacking away.  And I’m still trying to figure out how to explain next week to Kaleb.  We have to go to the Children’s hospital Monday for a two night EEG.  I have no idea how I’m going to make him understand what is happening without completely freaking him out.

Poor Daddy is going to have a stroke – he wakes up to a defiant, tired, screaming Kaleb; Mason and my niece making one giant mess after another, and we’re all running around roaring like dragons.  And he hasn’t even had a cup of coffee yet.  Then Kaleb got mad at me because I decided to be a squirrel instead of a dragon.  And I am a fearless squirrel.  He is not fond of this.

Then Daddy says something, anything and Kaleb starts screaming that he’ll only talk to Mommy.

 Mommy the squirrel is not talking to that attitude kid.  No you cannot have a snack.  Stop making Daddy crazy.  Stop yelling at Mason.  Mason, stop hitting Kaleb.  Kaleb, nobody wants to destroy your tower.  I take it back.  Mason, stop destroying Kaleb’s tower.  Kaleb they’re going to make sounds.  All the yelling in the world – which by the way, is a sound – is not going to prevent that…

And so it goes.  And Daddy’s thoughts on all of this?  “I think Mickey’s Clubhouse Airplane is really cool.”

Yep.  I’m worried.  No longer about them being sick.  About them taking the last few shreds of my dude’s sanity.

On another REALLY COOL SUPER AWESOME MOST INCREDIBLE THING EVER note – my mom found a Merlin in her pool this morning.

This may seem like nothing to you – but to me, it’s only second to finding a book that has “Don’t Panic” written on the cover.

I’m a total Merlin geek.  I’ve read every Merlin book I can get my hands on.  I’m not talking about the bird here people, I’m talking about the wizard.  Young Merlin, Old Merlin – anything Merlin, Camelot, Arthur – I’m all over it.  There was a time where I was downright obsessed.  So the fact that my mom finds this bird – this incredibly rare migrating bird – in her pool, after he broke through the screen, is just awesome.  The wizard got his name from the bird.  I’m like a five year old who was just given a bag of lollypops right now.  She needs to buy a lotto ticket.  Heck, I need to buy a lotto ticket!

When it’s healed the bird sanctuary that she brought it to is going to release him back at her house.  I will be there.  I HAVE to be there. Coolest.  Thing.  Ever.

Don’t laugh, I mean it!

The bird Merlin

The bird Merlin

Sick As A Dog…

I hate when my kids are sick.

Even more so when I have no idea what is going on with them.

Kaleb came home from school Thursday feeling poorly.  He put on his pajamas, crawled into our bed, and with the exception of the one time he got up to pee and one time he got up to ask me to change his movie, that’s where he stayed until about 6am.  Early evening his fever spiked to around 103,  so I let him stay in our bed and I slept on the couch.

Kaleb sleeping in Mommy & Daddy's bed

Kaleb sleeping in Mommy & Daddy’s bed

He got up at 6 to come lay with me, and his fever was gone.

Most of Friday he didn’t have a fever – he was clearly not feeling great, but his temp was fine.  By Friday night his fever was back up and he spent another night in our bed.  By this point Mason had begun to run a low-grade fever as well.  Saturday we went to pick up Daddy’s sister from the train station, and both kids were tired and cranky, but no sign of fever.  Until Sunday, when Kaleb’s fever was back, along with a vicious cough and a runny nose.

Mason also started to pick up a bit of a runny nose.  All minor, so I’m not worried.  We went to the beach on Monday.  It was supposed to be the nicest day of the week – 81 degrees with clear, sunny skies.  Yeah, it wasn’t.  It was definitely chilly, breezy, and overcast.  But we all had fun nonetheless.  I don’t think anything could destroy a beach day for those kids.  After a while the kids start to get pretty cranky and it’s time to head home.  I’m getting a bit concerned because Kaleb feels warm, and he keeps telling me he doesn’t feel good.

We get home, check temperatures, and surprisingly everyone is okay – the boys both have really low grade fevers, but nothing I’d worry about.

Boy did that turn around quick.  Mason fell asleep, and woke up with a pretty moderate fever.  He woke up and got upset, so I grabbed him and sat him on the couch with me.  He fell back asleep in my arms, and after about an hour I put him back in bed.  Which, by the way, was a really insane reminder of how difficult it is to get out of a recliner with a sleeping child – especially when the child in question no longer weighs 12lbs, but 36.

Anyway, he wakes up again, fever is now between 103 and 104.  I take him to bed with me hoping he’ll get some sleep and I can keep an eye on his temp.  Fail.  The kid was all over the place – everywhere but bed.  Eventually I took him back to his own bed and just sat on the floor next to him for a while.  He went back to sleep, and I followed suit.

67389_4743298255834_1232405528_n Until 11pm when he woke up again – and I jumped out of bed half convinced I was dreaming.  Get to his room, his fever is now between 105 and 106.  I grab a washcloth and throw it in cold water, start wiping down his head while trying to give him Motrin and making sure the thermometer is reading accurately.

However, every time I touch one spot on his head – just above and to the right of his forehead – he screams like I’ve just caused him serious pain.  That spot on his head feels like it’s on fire, and I’ve got no idea what is happening to my kid.  So, we rush off to the ER.  Mason cries the whole way there, and my heart is both breaking and racing at the same time.  We get to the smaller local hospital, I tell the receptionist what’s going on, they take my information, his information, and send us to wait.

Then I look around the waiting room for the first time.  It’s packed.  I’ve never seen so many people in there.  And then it dawns on me – it’s Bike Week.  Of course the hospital is packed.  The entire town is filled with people on motorcycles, and the idiots who aren’t paying attention to the people on motorcycles.  Well, doesn’t that just suck.

Eventually they call us back to check Mason’s vitals.  His fever has gone down to 104 so that’s good.  The Motrin must have kicked in, that’s a plus.  They send us back to the waiting room.  Where Mason does what he’s been doing since the minute we got out of the car – clinging to me like a spider monkey and crying hysterically.  We were there about an hour before they took us back to a bed.  Another check of the temp – down to 103 – awesome.  More crying and clinging.

After a while Mason fell asleep laying on me.  Of course, it’s not like I’m all that fluffy.  I could feel his ribs rubbing against my ribs – and I’m pretty sure my purse – which I was using as a pillow – was filled with invisible rocks.  But at least he wasn’t crying.  Until the nurse walked in the room – and his little brain started screaming “Danger Will Robinson!  Danger!  Danger!”  Back to the screaming and crying.

By 3am I was done.  His fever was no longer dangerous and we still hadn’t seen a doctor.  The nurse came back and I asked when we were going to be seen – and was informed there were five charts still in front of ours.  Nope.  Going home.

She told us whatever he has had been going around like wildfire, and unless his temperature spiked super high again there really wasn’t a reason for concern.  So, home we went.  We went to bed and I completely slept through the alarm.  Which was okay, because Kaleb was coughing and hacking away all night and I wasn’t sure about sending him to school anyway.  Both of the kids ran around all day with mild fevers – and I did too.

Daddy came home last night, and Mason was still up to greet him when he got home.  Kaleb is still coughing away.  Mason is still running a mild fever.  On and off, on and off – fever, no fever.  Fever, no fever.  They’re both acting perfectly normal unless the fever is high, then it’s lethargy city.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

So, Kaleb is out of school for another day due to his horrendous cough, Mason is just being Mason – only with a slight fever, and the rest of us are sitting here with our fingers crossed that we don’t pick up whatever they’ve got.

Under Pressure…

I would love to know why I get sick every time I de-stress.  This is boarding on absurd.  Since August, it’s gone like this:

  • Kaleb starts at a new school and does well- I get sick.
  • Mason’s birthday party goes off without a hitch – I get sick.
  • Silent Auction & Poker Run both successful – I get sick.
  • Autism Walk knocks it out of the park – I get sick.

Now, granted, I’ve pretty much been stressed out non-stop since Thanksgiving.  Between the holidays, family drama (because what is life without a hearty dose of family drama all heaped on at the worst possible time?), Kaleb’s problems in school (the kid has more black marks on his record at five years old than I did when I graduated high school – and believe me, I wasn’t an angel); the neurologist, getting Mason’s paperwork moving, Daddy’s work, and so on and so forth…

I’ve basically been a bundle of stressed out psycho momma since November.

As soon as the holiday stress was gone, I had all of this school drama to deal with – all leading up to today’s IEP meeting.  Of course, now that those two major stressers are gone, and everything else is minor in comparison, I’ve got a sore throat, swollen glands, sneezing, coughing, running nose… in other words, I have Why-does-life-hate-me-itis.

The IEP itself went WAY better than I expected.  We got just about everything we asked for.  The Psycho-Educational evaluation; CTOPP; FBA & BIP; copies of all of everything in his files (both files – not just the pink one); it IQ test; an updated receptive & expressive speech evaluation; OT to address his sensory issues; and finally, FINALLY transportation agreed to pick him up in front of the house – minimizing the odds of him getting run over while waiting for the bus in the morning.  We addressed the suspensions, the meltdowns, the seizures…

I walked out of there with such a feeling of relief – I hadn’t realized just how heavy the weight was – the one that has been sitting on my chest since before Christmas.  Hopefully we will be able to prevent, circumvent, curb, and all around improve what has been happening.

I came home, put Mason in the stroller, tossed on my rollerblades and took him for a ride around the neighborhood.  Then down for a nap he went so I could get some work done on some Walk stuff – only to have my phone ring non-stop for two hours straight (and of course I can’t turn it off in case the kid gets suspended again), so I basically accomplished nothing.  Now, Mason is in doing his speech therapy, Kaleb is playing with bucky, and I am staring at my menu for the week thinking I need to change tonight to soup.  Lots of soup, since I ate all the tomato cheese stuff we made last week.  And I’m in a soup kind of mood.  Or is it just because I feel like ick?  I don’t suppose it matters – there has to be another soup on this menu somewhere.

Which reminds me, I’ve got to start on next month’s menu, because as of Monday January is done.  Crap.  That’s a lot of shopping.   And I still haven’t finished tearing the bedroom apart (though my closet is done).  Oh shoot, I forgot to make at least three phone calls I was supposed to make today.  And I really need to go to the post office.  Oh yuck, Kaleb just let out the sneeze of the century.  I haven’t ordered Kaleb’s yearbook yet either.  I need to see if my mom can watch the Monsters for the PTA meeting I was just emailed about.  Thankfully it’s not next Tuesday, because that’s the same day as our first official walk meeting.  I sure hope people show up for that, we haven’t gotten a lot of response yet.  Speaking of which, I really need to get back to editing these job descriptions.

I don’t know why I think I’m actually going to get anything accomplished.  My brain just keeps swirling around in circles like bathwater around a drain.

I need to get off here.  I need to find a recipe for a thick soup I can pass off as a dip to my picky little Monsters – if it’s thick enough and I give them some form of breadsticks to dip, they love soup.  However, if Kaleb so much as hears the word “soup” it’s all over.  No soup for him.  Time to hit up the Google machine.

Last week's Tomato Cheese Soup with Grilled Cheese Dippers

Last week’s Tomato Cheese Soup with Grilled Cheese Dippers