The Wizard…

Kaleb didn’t go to school today.

There were a couple reasons for this.  The first – when I woke him up for school this morning he just started sobbing and telling me he’s so tired.  Well, okay, I woke up at 3am because I could hear him coughing through Mason’s baby monitor.  So I’m sure he really was exhausted.  And I felt horrible for the poor little Monster because I know how little rest you really get when you’re coughing like that all night.

Now I could have dragged his behind out of bed and stuck him on the bus.  But not only would he have most likely yelled loud enough to wake everyone in the house, he probably would have ended up suspended.  It’s bad enough he still isn’t feeling well.  He came home from school yesterday and went straight to the couch to lay down.

Kaleb and Mason laying on the couch after school

Kaleb and Mason laying on the couch after school

Add not feeling well to exhausted and what you’re going to get is a volcanic Kaleb.  Meaning meltdowns.  Violent, sudden meltdowns.  Take right now for example – changing a shirt has turned into a fight between Kaleb and Daddy that somehow went from shirt to playing outside to shirt to apologizing to screaming and crying.  In the span of about fifteen seconds.

On top of all that, their aunt is leaving today to go back home.  She has to head to the train station before school lets out, so Kaleb wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye.    Not that he’s much in the mood for goodbyes right now.

In the meantime, Mason has picked up the cough.  No more fever, but now they’re both coughing and hacking away.  And I’m still trying to figure out how to explain next week to Kaleb.  We have to go to the Children’s hospital Monday for a two night EEG.  I have no idea how I’m going to make him understand what is happening without completely freaking him out.

Poor Daddy is going to have a stroke – he wakes up to a defiant, tired, screaming Kaleb; Mason and my niece making one giant mess after another, and we’re all running around roaring like dragons.  And he hasn’t even had a cup of coffee yet.  Then Kaleb got mad at me because I decided to be a squirrel instead of a dragon.  And I am a fearless squirrel.  He is not fond of this.

Then Daddy says something, anything and Kaleb starts screaming that he’ll only talk to Mommy.

 Mommy the squirrel is not talking to that attitude kid.  No you cannot have a snack.  Stop making Daddy crazy.  Stop yelling at Mason.  Mason, stop hitting Kaleb.  Kaleb, nobody wants to destroy your tower.  I take it back.  Mason, stop destroying Kaleb’s tower.  Kaleb they’re going to make sounds.  All the yelling in the world – which by the way, is a sound – is not going to prevent that…

And so it goes.  And Daddy’s thoughts on all of this?  “I think Mickey’s Clubhouse Airplane is really cool.”

Yep.  I’m worried.  No longer about them being sick.  About them taking the last few shreds of my dude’s sanity.

On another REALLY COOL SUPER AWESOME MOST INCREDIBLE THING EVER note – my mom found a Merlin in her pool this morning.

This may seem like nothing to you – but to me, it’s only second to finding a book that has “Don’t Panic” written on the cover.

I’m a total Merlin geek.  I’ve read every Merlin book I can get my hands on.  I’m not talking about the bird here people, I’m talking about the wizard.  Young Merlin, Old Merlin – anything Merlin, Camelot, Arthur – I’m all over it.  There was a time where I was downright obsessed.  So the fact that my mom finds this bird – this incredibly rare migrating bird – in her pool, after he broke through the screen, is just awesome.  The wizard got his name from the bird.  I’m like a five year old who was just given a bag of lollypops right now.  She needs to buy a lotto ticket.  Heck, I need to buy a lotto ticket!

When it’s healed the bird sanctuary that she brought it to is going to release him back at her house.  I will be there.  I HAVE to be there. Coolest.  Thing.  Ever.

Don’t laugh, I mean it!

The bird Merlin

The bird Merlin