Sick As A Dog…

I hate when my kids are sick.

Even more so when I have no idea what is going on with them.

Kaleb came home from school Thursday feeling poorly.  He put on his pajamas, crawled into our bed, and with the exception of the one time he got up to pee and one time he got up to ask me to change his movie, that’s where he stayed until about 6am.  Early evening his fever spiked to around 103,  so I let him stay in our bed and I slept on the couch.

Kaleb sleeping in Mommy & Daddy's bed

Kaleb sleeping in Mommy & Daddy’s bed

He got up at 6 to come lay with me, and his fever was gone.

Most of Friday he didn’t have a fever – he was clearly not feeling great, but his temp was fine.  By Friday night his fever was back up and he spent another night in our bed.  By this point Mason had begun to run a low-grade fever as well.  Saturday we went to pick up Daddy’s sister from the train station, and both kids were tired and cranky, but no sign of fever.  Until Sunday, when Kaleb’s fever was back, along with a vicious cough and a runny nose.

Mason also started to pick up a bit of a runny nose.  All minor, so I’m not worried.  We went to the beach on Monday.  It was supposed to be the nicest day of the week – 81 degrees with clear, sunny skies.  Yeah, it wasn’t.  It was definitely chilly, breezy, and overcast.  But we all had fun nonetheless.  I don’t think anything could destroy a beach day for those kids.  After a while the kids start to get pretty cranky and it’s time to head home.  I’m getting a bit concerned because Kaleb feels warm, and he keeps telling me he doesn’t feel good.

We get home, check temperatures, and surprisingly everyone is okay – the boys both have really low grade fevers, but nothing I’d worry about.

Boy did that turn around quick.  Mason fell asleep, and woke up with a pretty moderate fever.  He woke up and got upset, so I grabbed him and sat him on the couch with me.  He fell back asleep in my arms, and after about an hour I put him back in bed.  Which, by the way, was a really insane reminder of how difficult it is to get out of a recliner with a sleeping child – especially when the child in question no longer weighs 12lbs, but 36.

Anyway, he wakes up again, fever is now between 103 and 104.  I take him to bed with me hoping he’ll get some sleep and I can keep an eye on his temp.  Fail.  The kid was all over the place – everywhere but bed.  Eventually I took him back to his own bed and just sat on the floor next to him for a while.  He went back to sleep, and I followed suit.

67389_4743298255834_1232405528_n Until 11pm when he woke up again – and I jumped out of bed half convinced I was dreaming.  Get to his room, his fever is now between 105 and 106.  I grab a washcloth and throw it in cold water, start wiping down his head while trying to give him Motrin and making sure the thermometer is reading accurately.

However, every time I touch one spot on his head – just above and to the right of his forehead – he screams like I’ve just caused him serious pain.  That spot on his head feels like it’s on fire, and I’ve got no idea what is happening to my kid.  So, we rush off to the ER.  Mason cries the whole way there, and my heart is both breaking and racing at the same time.  We get to the smaller local hospital, I tell the receptionist what’s going on, they take my information, his information, and send us to wait.

Then I look around the waiting room for the first time.  It’s packed.  I’ve never seen so many people in there.  And then it dawns on me – it’s Bike Week.  Of course the hospital is packed.  The entire town is filled with people on motorcycles, and the idiots who aren’t paying attention to the people on motorcycles.  Well, doesn’t that just suck.

Eventually they call us back to check Mason’s vitals.  His fever has gone down to 104 so that’s good.  The Motrin must have kicked in, that’s a plus.  They send us back to the waiting room.  Where Mason does what he’s been doing since the minute we got out of the car – clinging to me like a spider monkey and crying hysterically.  We were there about an hour before they took us back to a bed.  Another check of the temp – down to 103 – awesome.  More crying and clinging.

After a while Mason fell asleep laying on me.  Of course, it’s not like I’m all that fluffy.  I could feel his ribs rubbing against my ribs – and I’m pretty sure my purse – which I was using as a pillow – was filled with invisible rocks.  But at least he wasn’t crying.  Until the nurse walked in the room – and his little brain started screaming “Danger Will Robinson!  Danger!  Danger!”  Back to the screaming and crying.

By 3am I was done.  His fever was no longer dangerous and we still hadn’t seen a doctor.  The nurse came back and I asked when we were going to be seen – and was informed there were five charts still in front of ours.  Nope.  Going home.

She told us whatever he has had been going around like wildfire, and unless his temperature spiked super high again there really wasn’t a reason for concern.  So, home we went.  We went to bed and I completely slept through the alarm.  Which was okay, because Kaleb was coughing and hacking away all night and I wasn’t sure about sending him to school anyway.  Both of the kids ran around all day with mild fevers – and I did too.

Daddy came home last night, and Mason was still up to greet him when he got home.  Kaleb is still coughing away.  Mason is still running a mild fever.  On and off, on and off – fever, no fever.  Fever, no fever.  They’re both acting perfectly normal unless the fever is high, then it’s lethargy city.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

So, Kaleb is out of school for another day due to his horrendous cough, Mason is just being Mason – only with a slight fever, and the rest of us are sitting here with our fingers crossed that we don’t pick up whatever they’ve got.