Decency Defied…

What happened to Customer Service?  What about Common Decency?  Common Sense?

Apparently, they’ve all vanished in the suck hole that is corporate America.


I’m so angry at the stupidity, and lack of human decency I’ve been assaulted with lately I could seriously break something.  For starters, I can’t get a single pharmacy in this town to fill a stupid prescription – but instead of telling me they can’t fill the prescription – they take it, and then wait for me to call two days later to see what the heck is going on before saying “Oh.  No, we can’t fill it.  See, you have to do X, then the doctor has to do Y, then the insurance company has to do Z.  After you have done that, run a marathon through giant fields of dog feces, climb the Empire State Building like King Kong, invent x-ray vision and win the state lottery in at least 30 states… well, after that maybe we’ll consider it.”

Okay, yeah, a bit dramatic really.  But the first part of that statement is actually fact (but for all the fat lot of good it did me sitting around waiting for a phone call for two days, they may as well have told me to do the rest).  So my question is…

Why didn’t you tell me this in the first place?!  Why did you sit in your stupid little pharmacy, behind your stupid little counter, with your stupid little coat, and not inform me that you could not do what you said you could do?  Why, when you attempted to put my order in your little computer box there, did you not immediately think oh, we can’t fill this just yet.  Let me call this person and let them know what has to be done first, so they don’t waste their time?  

Heaven forbid we use a little bit of common sense or decency here people.

Now – truthfully, it’s been a month since that happened, but in light of recent events, I felt the need to bitch about it again, so, sorry for that.

Today – the problem today – is a certain corporate wedding dress chain that decided to pull a stunt that I will likely be bitching about for DAYS.  Once again, a surprising (or not so much?) lack of common sense, human decency, and just plain good customer service has caused me the mother of all headaches.

Now, when I started this little adventure, I knew there were going to be snags.  I knew there were going to be things that stressed me out, and I knew things weren’t going to go perfectly smooth.  However, I also never envisioned myself going insane over any of it.  Did I expect to be a little panicked at times?  Of course.  I did not however, foresee myself on the phone yelling at some dimwitted store clerk like some lunatic on the Oxygen channel.   I picked out the bridesmaids dresses months ago.  I did this to give my girls (many of whom are out of state) plenty of time to get in, pick the one they liked best out of three (see – I’m a nice bride.  I gave my girls options because I wanted them to feel happy and beautiful. Nice bride.), and get it ordered in plenty of time.  Then came snag number one:  one of my dresses was discontinued.

Okay, no big.  I went in, I picked out a new dress, put it in the system, gave the girls a heads up, and that was that.  A few small bumps in the road later, and everything is still hunky dory.  Until today.  One of my girls went in last week to pick up her dress, only to learn they weren’t carrying them in stores any more.  No big, we can order it.  Well, apparently, if you order a dress, you have to pay in full – no deposits, no payments, just cold hard cash in hand.  Again, okay, we can work this out.  And we do.

I call the store today to order the dress, since the store informed my bridesmaid that the dress would take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to come in.  Not wanting to cut it too close, I call ready to get it on the way.  Only to be informed that it’s been discontinued.  It was discontinued weeks ago.  Not only did they not inform the bridesmaid when she physically went to the store – they didn’t bother to so much as send me a freaking carrier pigeon.  At first I’m stunned.  That gave way pretty quickly to serious anger.  I would love, love to know why nobody even thought to give me a call and inform me that my freaking bridesmaid dress was discontinued?!  The girl on the phone informs me that they don’t like to call the brides more than three times – since they don’t want to bombard us with phone calls.

This is a joke, right?  You people fill my e-mail with more junk mail on a daily basis than any other company I’ve ever given my email address to.  And you don’t want to bombard me?!  This is not some idiotic blowout sale offer.  This is not some stupid “Downtown meets DIY” email.  This is a good freaking reason to call me!  Not to mention, I’ve got 17 voice messages from you people from the month of December alone with a bunch of offers that don’t even apply to me!  And you choose now not to call?


I ask how I can get the dress, what other stores have it, etc.  Apparently, they took every single one of these dresses, mailed them up north, and sold them at a freaking clearance sale!  There’s one dress left in the entire country, a grand 4 sizes too big, and it’s in New-freaking-Mexico!  Yeah, and how much is that going to cost in alterations?  Well, stutter-stammer-stutter later – she can’t give me that quote.  Of course not.  Because it would cost more than the dress!  Then she proceeds to apologize for the “Miscommunication”.  Miscommunication?!  Lady, there was no communication.  How about we call a spade a spade here?  I make it very clear I’m not happy about having to pick a new dress with so little notice (try none) so late in the game, I hang up, call the corporate office, and leave a not so subtle message requesting a supervisor call me ASAP.

I find a new dress – well, should I say – I find the exact same dress minus one decorative detail, on the website.  I click on it, check out the shipping…

5-10 days.  DAYS!  These people are telling me it’s going to take two months to get a dress in, when I can order it off the website and get it within two weeks?!  Are you joking?

So, there you have it – everyone is going to go in, get fitted, go home and get on the computer.  Cause this is just plain nuts.  It makes me so sad to see how little effort people put forth anymore for other people.  Chivalry may not be dead, but common decency is certainly nearing extinction.

I feel better now, I’m going to go get my kids off the bus, and hopefully at least one of them is in the mood to snuggle with Mommy, cause this chick needs a hug.


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