Enjoy The Teeth…

Kaleb has started to lose his baby teeth.

Of course, when it comes to the first one lost, what I really mean is, he swallowed it.

I don’t know why I’m surprised by this, it is Kaleb after all.  We didn’t even know it was loose!  Friday night he was sitting at the dinner table when he declared that he had a loose tooth and ran to the bathroom to inspect it.  When he came out I asked to see – only to find he didn’t have a loose tooth – he was missing a tooth.  After searching the bathroom, the route he took from the bathroom to the kitchen table and back, we came to the conclusion that he must have swallowed it while drinking his water.  Sigh of course he did.  Mason eats fish, why wouldn’t Kaleb eat teeth?

The second tooth loss occurred sometime between him falling asleep last night, and waking up this morning.  When he came running up to me to show me he had “Another loose tooth!” (which I yet again corrected as being a lost tooth, since it’s already out of his mouth), my first thought was that he swallowed another one.  After exclaiming over the hole in his mouth (I still don’t quite get why my mom was always so squeamish about this.  I still think it’s pretty cool!), I asked him if he knew where it was.  Only to be told that he put it under his pillow last night.



What???  You WHAT???  Now, it’s not like I can show panic, because I’m supposed to be confident in the tooth fairy… but that only works if the tooth fairy knows that the kid has lost a tooth!  I start scouring the house for money, and all I can find is a $10.00 bill (really, who has cash on hand anymore?  Certainly not me.  I knew I should have gotten cash back at Target yesterday, I just knew it!).  I wake up Daddy a bit frantically, to inform him that I have to steal his ten dollars to put under Kaleb’s pillow.

He comes pretty awake at this point and looks at me like I have gone and lost my mind.  The conversation went something like this:

“You cannot give him ten dollars for teeth!”

“It’s all I can find!”

“Give him a quarter!”

“A quarter?!  No way!  What a rip off that would be!”

“You cannot give him ten dollars for teeth!”

“Why?  My tooth fairy gave me around 5 bucks a pop for my teeth.”

You.  Can.  Not.  Give.  Him.  Ten.  Dollars.  For.  Teeth.

At this point I moved on to plan B and started scouring all of my little cash stash spots to see if I had any dollars laying around.  I used to randomly stash extra cash I got back from shopping – usually used for buying presents without giving away what the present is, also helpful for all of the crap the school asks you to buy to support your kid.  I haven’t done this in quite a while.  For starters, most of the presents I buy for Daddy are purchased online now, and Amazon is such a giant playground for shopping it makes it much simpler.  Plus, Kaleb’s been out of school since the end of April.

In other words, I had no cash.  None.  We have a bucket full of change, and a ten dollar bill.  I make the kids breakfast, and make a decision.  The tooth fairy is going to give Kaleb $1.25 for every tooth he looses (until we get to the big ones – those bad boys will get double).  So I make the boys some waffles and rush to dig through the change jar and find $2.50 worth of quarters.  I sneak back to Kaleb’s room, lift the pillow, and…

What the hell?  Where’s the tooth??

I can tell you where it isn’t.  It isn’t under the pillow.  That’s for sure.  Oooooooh CRAP you have got to be kidding me.  I lift the mattress to see if it fell down the headboard while he was sleeping.  No tooth.  Look on both sides of the bed.  No tooth.  I start to get a little panicked, knowing full well I can’t just go ask Kid Vicious if he is sure he put the tooth under the pillow – since the stupid tooth fairy was supposed to have already taken it.  I start running my hands up and down the sheet, hoping against hope I just can’t see it against the busy background…

Ta Da!!  Tooth found!  Quick and quiet fist pump in the air (grateful nobody is watching me), drop the quarters under the pillow, and go stash the tooth.

Kaleb finishes up his breakfast and cleans himself up.  I hand him his milk and ask him if the tooth fairy came to visit.  This is where it gets tricky, since I have no idea if he’s already checked.  He then insists that the tooth fairy did not come, because there is no tooth fairy in our town.  There are tooth fairies in other towns in Florida, but not this one.  Ummmm, okayyyyy.  How about you go check, just in case?  He starts to panic a little bit, voice ratcheting up, fidgeting getting more pronounced… oh crap.  Is he afraid of the tooth fairy?  Really?

Kaleb afraid of stuff is still new to me.  He’s recently become afraid of just about everything, and considering the kid was never afraid of anything before that, it’s still really disorienting when he suddenly has a new seemingly irrational fear.  Five minutes of coercion later, and I’ve got Kaleb standing by his bed, staring at the pillow like it’s going to bite him.  I finally lift the pillow up and gasp in excited surprise – “Look at that Kaleb!  Look what the tooth fairy left you!”

Kaleb stands stock still for about thirty seconds until he finally takes a closer look and says “Whaaaattttt?”  I help him pick up his quarters, and we count them together.  I tell him how much money he got, and we go put it in his bank.  As we’re dropping in the quarters he says “Mommy, how did the tooth fairy do that?  How did she get those moneies there?”

To which I reply…

“Magic!  The world is filled with magic buddy, you just have to believe it in.”

Truer words…


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