Strange Movies…

I’ve gotten really good at being functional on very little sleep. Considering there’s usually some reason I’m not getting any. Be it the boys, Milo, my own thoughts or worries, some evil mutant bird living in the gutter over my bedroom window…

I’ve learned to adapt to a world with little sleep.

But every now and then my lack of typical sleep catches up with me. Or, I guess I should say, it hits me like a freight train. It happened a few nights ago. Both of the boys have a cold – Kaleb’s started up about a week ago, and Mason has picked it up now. Neither of them is feeling particularly bad, but they are a bit more cranky and confrontational than usual. So of course that means no nap for the tired, pissy, cranky Mason Bug. After dinner that night Mase grabed his cup and his cars and headed straight to bed. By 6:30 he was out like a light, surrounded by his cars and snoring away.

Kaleb and I sat up and played with one of the houses for a while, and then off to bed he went. He’d been yawning and rubbing at his eyes for a good twenty minutes, so I figured it wouldn’t be long before he passed out. Only, I can’t guarentee that, because I crashed before he did. I put a movie on I’d been wanting to watch for quite a while and finally had my fingers on. I figured I’d wait for him to crash and then I’d go to bed too. I made it fifteen minutes, tops. The only thing about the movie I remember watching was the opening credits.

I know I woke up a couple times to Kaleb’s screaming – I mostly remember the one time because I walked face-first into the pocket door in the hallway. I know I managed to drag myself to bed at somepoint – but I must have made it without walking into anything because I don’t even remember doing it.

I slept like the dead. It was beautiful. After all of the stress, the drama, the worry, and the sleepless nights of the last few weeks basically hit me like an anvil in an old acme cartoon. coyote-under-anvil

Of course, that glorious night of sleep cost me. I woke up at 6am to a whopper of a meltdown. Kaleb came into the bedroom to get me up, and for whatever reason just started to completely freak out. I don’t know if he tripped over something, or if something spooked him, but it was a giant meltdown – before the sun was even up. The day didn’t get much better after that. Between him and Mason it was one thing right after another. Fighting over the swiffer – so I give Kaleb a mop of his own with a little solution dispenser. Then they mopped my kitchen – which, by the way, I was totally cool with. Except I forgot I had the dispenser filled with vinegar water and the whole house stunk like a pickle factory.

Then they started fighting over the toy vacuum (Daddy, just going to go on record here and say I told you we should have bought two of them). At first Kaleb was mad because it was too loud and tried to take it from Mason. Kaleb got in trouble, Mason started doing it just to get Kaleb worked up, Mason got in trouble. Then they were fighting over who was going to get to use it. Give Kaleb a small battery operated vacuum (okay, obviously I have a thing for cleaning gadgets – even though they never get used), they vacuum the living room. Again, I’m not complaining.

Basically, they just tore at each other all day. The only thing I managed to accomplish was to finish painting the letters for Mason’s room during quiet time. Of course, now I have to do the shadow boxes and all the other nonsense, but at least the most tedious thing is done. And it was a miracle considering how many times Mason decided to have a strip show in his bedroom throughout that two hours. So, of course, no nap for him.

The chaos continued throughout the night. Kaleb starts a fight with Mason, Mason starts a fight with Kaleb. They were like mortal enemies all day. Fighting over the doll house (we have three of them – why can’t you both be happy with your own??); fighting over the Little People (we have four thousand of them – why can’t you both be happy with your own??); fighting over a seat on the couch, the space on the floor… you get the idea. By 6:30 I was seriously drawing up blueprints for a velcro wall in my mind (and yes mother, I know I’ve been saying it for years and we still haven’t built one – but one of these days it’s going to happen).

images (2)

Finally, it was bed time. Mason passed right out (this no napping thing is really starting to work for me). Kaleb on the other hand, wasn’t so quick to sleep. I had been anxiously awaiting for the stars to align – and by that, I mean I wanted Kaleb to be asleep and the storm that was rumbling off in the distance to roll in. Because I had finally gotten my hands on a copy of The Strangers, and I was determined to scare myself silly.

I realize how crazy that sounds. But I’ve always been a horror buff. I was reading Stephen King at 9 and grew up with a cat named Krueger (those are both true facts about me by the way). Over the last couple of months I’ve had a handful of people tell me I have to watch this movie because it’s terrifying. I’ve been told not to watch it alone, not to watch it in the dark, and so on. Naturally, I had every intention of watching alone in the dark. It’s taken me forever to get my hands on the movie, but I finally did.

So, Kaleb falls alseep, the storm rolls in, and I’m beyond excited to watch this movie. It’s been a long time since I actually found a scary movie to be scary. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t an exception. I won’t say anything to spoil it for any of you out there in case you’ve yet to watch it – but I will say that the only thing I found frightening about the film was how absolutely stupid Liv Tyler’s character was. Seriously, when are they going to make a scary movie that doesn’t include the people being completely stupid??


We went to a Memorial Day party yesterday. As usual, I was a bit trepidatious taking all three kids out and about, but Miss Lisa and Uncle Ed were both going with so I wasn’t as worried as I would normally be. Kaleb immediately honed in on the other kids and was off like a shot. Mase and Leah kind of alternated between chasing around the big kids, playing with eachother, and climbing on the adults.

But they all did phenomenal. No major issues, meltdowns were completely nonexistent. It was, in a word, awesome. And yes John, I’ll totally go ahead and say you bring peace to the world around you!

We all got too much sun, and once the kids actually fell asleep last night they slept like very tired rocks.


We are planning on spending today playing in the pool, and with any luck they will sleep just as well tonight.

I’ve been trying to write/post this for days so I’m going to wrap it up now and say Happy Memorial Day!!



1 thought on “Strange Movies…

  1. My boys are both going through a sleep thing. They are too old for this. I figure my older boy (9) should be getting close to being a late sleeper. The problem is he has no fall back asleep ability. Anyway, I told him tonight I was giving him up for adoption if he does not stay in bed till 7 tomorrow. I know that is right but I don’t care!


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