A Good Egg…

So, three days ago I started an experiment with Kaleb.

No, I do not mean I am experimenting ON Kaleb – we started a science experiment together.  We took an egg and submerged it in vinegar. Once the shell was completely dissolved, we were going to soak it in Karo syrup for a night to shrink it.  Then we were going to soak it in a bowl full of colored water.  We were then going to create a colorful egg volcano.

Naked Egg

Naked Egg

I’ve been looking forward to this for days.  What would be cooler on Easter sunday than to wake up and make an egg explode blue water everywhere???

Well, that isn’t gonna happen.  At least, not on Sunday.  Looks more like it’ll be next Wednesday.  The egg was finally done in the vinegar this morning, I took it out, cleaned it up, and let all of the kids touch to see how it felt without the shell.  Kaleb was fascinated – and he wasn’t the only one.  Mason was enamored.  In love.  I mean MUST.  HAVE.  SQUISHY.  EGG. kinda love.  He grabbed it from my hand and started squeezing as I tried to extricate it from his devilish little fingers with as little damage as possible.


SPLAT!!!  Squishy egg is no more.  Now it’s a puddle of goop, yolk, egg white, vinegar, and a creepy looking skin that resembled a used condom in some back alley.  All over the kitchen floor.

Mason was stunned.  My niece just shouted “Oh No!” in her dramatic little fashion.  I stood there shocked.  And here came Kaleb.

With his perfect timing, and his beautifully strange way of seeing the world.

“Oh Mommy!  It’s an Egg-tastrophe!”

I about fell over giggling.

Good one kid.  That’s gonna have me laughing for a while.  Almost worth the squishy egg exploding before its time.  I need more coffee.



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