Back To School Again…

“You can’t win, you know.  You can’t lie in front of the bulldozer indefinitely.”  He tried to make his eyes blaze fiercely but they just wouldn’t do it.

Arthur lay in the mud and squelched at him.

“I’m game,” he said, “we’ll see who rusts first.”  ~ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (written by the sorely missed Douglas Adams)

Arthur Dent laying in front of the bulldozer

Arthur Dent laying in front of the bulldozer

That’s what I’m starting to feel like when it comes to dealing with the school systems.  Like I’m laying front of a bulldozer that is trying to knock down my house to make room for a bypass.

Only the bulldozer is the administration, and the house is my child’s entire academic future.

Am I being a bit dramatic?  Maybe.  It’s happened a time or two before.  But nine suspensions – NINE since Christmas is a bit dramatic as well.  Especially when you’re talking about a five-year old pre-schooler with autism.  Don’t tell me you “tried to implement the intervention behaviors” and then turn around and tell me you’re suspending him because he refused to go to music class!  Maybe it was too much today – maybe he was overstimulated and couldn’t handle the noise.  Who cares what the reason is at this point – stop suspending him!!

We’ve looked at other options – they aren’t feasible.  For both financial and logistical reasons.  Which really doesn’t even matter – my child has a legal right to be given an education by this school.  The federal government placed him in the school.  I didn’t.


So, now instead of cleaning out the garage – which is what I had planned to do while Mason was down for quiet time – I’m throwing on my glasses and I am going to sort through every single piece of paper with my child’s name on it.  I’m going to gather every bit of evidence and ammunition in my paperwork arsenal, and I’m going to prepare for battle.

Because I’ve finally had enough.  Congratulations administration – you woke a sleeping giant (and you probably couldn’t have picked a worse week to do it).  I have played nice.  I have gone through every proper channel.  I have climbed my way up the ladder and the chain of command like a good little girl.  I have requested all of the right meetings and all the right tests.  I have hopped, skipped, and jumped for you people, and I am done playing nice.

… There, now I feel better!


3 thoughts on “Back To School Again…

  1. I feel your frustration. If you need a good advocate or lawyer (he does a consult over the phone) let me know I can share ours’ contact info. It is a shame we have to hire advocates and lawyers to get the schools to follow their own rules, but sometimes we do. Good luck!


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