You Win Again…



First off, I want to thank Amber at “Normal” is the New Boring for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!  I’m pretty inspired myself!!  Truthfully, I’m just grateful (and a bit surprised) every day when someone reads my nonsense – so this is awesome!  I’m really loving these “Pass it along” blogger awards – they’re an awesome way to help out fellow writers in this little blogosphere (there’s that word again – I’m still not sure it’s a real word), and duh – I’m pumped to be on the receiving end of one!

So, here are the rules:

  1. Display the logo on your blog
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominated 15 other bloggers for the award
  5. Notify your nominees by linking to their blogs so they get notified by ping-back.

Okay.  7 things.  About me.  You’d think I’d be really good at talking about myself by now, but I’ve actually been staring at this page for nearly two hours.  Shoot.

Here goes!

  1. I walk around 90% of the time with absolutely no idea what I’m doing.  In pretty much every aspect of my life.  My life has become a ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants’ sitcom.  Just about every technique used in our house with the kids is a completely random idea I had while pacing around pretending to be productive.
  2. I pace.  A lot.  It drives people insane.  Especially when I’m on the phone.  I can’t sit still.  If I sit down, I start to focus on something in front of me, instead of what is being said to me.  So, for as long as I can remember – I pace.  Now, my kids get their pretend phones out, and they pace too.  I think it’s funny – but it’s probably going to send Daddy to the loony bin one of these days.
  3. The ringtone for Kaleb’s school is the Imperial March (you know – Darth Vader’s theme song?).  I was having a heart attack every day when my phone would ring in the middle of the morning and it would be the general tone – convinced it was the school.  So, I gave them a ring tone.  You know you’re humming it in your head right now.
  4. I’m still really paranoid about Mason’s fish.  He got a name by the way – his name is… Fish.  Yeah.  That’s the best I could get out of the kid who speaks his own language.  Anyway, I’m still checking on the stupid thing every hour or so to make sure it’s alive.  It’s been over two weeks, and I’m shocked it’s made it this long.  However, seeing Mason’s face light up every morning when he gets to feed the fish (my way of bribing him into getting a diaper) is totally worth it.  Plus, those pellets are tiny, and great fine motor exercize!!
  5. On that note, I could probably come up with a legitimate reason for every activity we do and toy we have based on some form of therapy.  Occupational, speech, behavioral, social – you name it.  I will find a reason why this thing here – this thing I REALLY want to do with them – is going to help them in some way.
  6. I’m constantly afraid to screw something up.  My kids, my relationships, the walk, Monster Marchers, you name it.  If you will read #1 again – that’s the reason why.  On the flip side of that, I can be really selfish sometimes.  It’s not the best trait in the world – but there are definitely days when it helps to save my sanity.
  7. I live in either jeans or pajama pants.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to dress up – but who really has the time for that?  Plus, I’m lazy, and I never learned how to match my clothes properly – so everything matches a pair of jeans and a Jolly Roger belt buckle.  EVERYTHING.  Fact.

Okay, my nominees:  I don’t know if I’m going to get all 15.  I’m stealing Amber’s excuse – I’m new!  However, I’ll certainly try!

  1.  The Return of The Modern Philosopher – This guy is nothing short of awesome.  First of all, he seems to be a bit off his rocker – and for that reason alone I’m a fan (plus, anyone who writes about Keyser Soze is clearly amazing).  He’s funny and random, and completely worth reading.
  2. Free Little Words – A blog written by a mom with two little boys the same ages as my Monsters.  She’s very sweet and honest, and it’s always a nice read.
  3. Cruising Through My Life – This one is all around interesting.  She covers a variety of topics that come up in her life, which are almost always easy to relate to, or thought provoking.
  4. Cristian Mihai – A young author who has a quite a lot of talent.  He’s definitely worth taking a couple peeks at 🙂
  5. Mom and Boys – A blog written by a creative and entertaining mom as she tries to navigate the waters of life, motherhood, and faith.
  6. My Eclectic Life – A homesteading mom of two who awes me.  She blogs about everything from daily adventures to great recipes, and I absolutely love her!
  7. Blowing Off Steam… And Other Cooking Adventures – Another awesome momma who seamlessly blends great recipes with great humor.
  8. Between Love and Chaos – This mom somehow manages to juggle her three kids alone – while dealing with the joys of raising a child on the spectrum.
  9. For the Love of Food – A mom I know personally as a super-star!  Here she shares some wonderful recipes that are absolutely worth checking out.
  10. The Adventures of Jaydon and Daddy – A photo blog written by a father of one wicked cute little dude about their daily discoveries and adventures.
  11. The Good Greatsby – This guy is just funny.  He doesn’t need any more introduction than that.
  12. Some Species Eat Their Young – A dad of four, somehow surviving parenthood while making people like me laugh out loud.
  13. Mom in the Muddle –  A mom-blog by a woman with a wicked sense of humor, and great insight into life with kids.
  14. The Jackie Blog – Once again, there really isn’t any intro needed – this chick is just downright funny.
  15. And last but certainly not least Life With Legos – an inspirational blog by a mom with two boys, who is wading the waters of the spectrum with the best of us.

Holy cow I did it!  These people are all great, and I absolutely encourage you to check them out and say “hi”.  On a similar note, there is another blog I’d like to mention that isn’t on wordpress, but is amazing nonetheless – Cam’s World With Aspergers  – this mom is everything I want to be and more!

So, once again, huge thanks to Amber – at “Normal” is the New Boring – you’re absolutely one of the best things I’ve encountered since starting this blogging adventure, and I would nominate you again if I could!

Now, I’m off to stalk 15 strangers blogs so they know I’ve nominated them!

Oh crap, first I’ve got to go get Mason off the window sill.

14 thoughts on “You Win Again…

  1. #7- aint nobody got time for that! If I know Im not going anywhere else for the day when I get home, PJs come on! thats right, noon? PJs, 1pm? PJs, thats how I roll. (and may very well be one of my 7 things about me lol)

    Thanks for the nomination! I’m so honored!! Not even sure if I follow 15 blogs haha, but I will post my Favs for sure! 🙂


  2. It is always great to be recognized. Thank you! d:~)
    I understand about not being able to list 7 things about yourself. I sometimes have a hard time coming up with a list. We’ll see how it goes when I post this on Friday.


  3. Thanks for the nod and congrats for the recognition yourself. Great blog. Love your ringtone for your kids’ school. I need to do that. I always answer the phone in a panic thinking it’s the school–it’s my mom just wanting to chat. As for the fish, don’t stress too much. My son brought home a fish given to him by his kindergarten teacher (with my permission). Can you believe we still have that thing? He’s in fourth grade now. And I’m totally with you on the jeans.


  4. Congrats on your award, and thank you for nominating my blog. Off my rocker? Hmmmm. I thought everyone wrote about Keyser Soze and caused a stir on Facebook with a post about Survivor secretly filming in Maine! Maybe I am a bit odd… 😉


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  6. I am going to get to writing this post tonight if it kills me (and considering I can hear the Rugrat crying again, it just might!). I am so thrilled that you nominated me for this award. Thank you again xo


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