The irony of Kaleb getting suspended for having a violent meltdown:  he hasn’t had a single one since.

Actually, today was one of the best “hang at home” days we’ve had in a while.  He actually took a nap (whaaaatt?  I know!), something I only discovered when I got worried about how quiet he was being. Then Sho-Sho arrived bearing gifts (for me, in the form of cupcakes and beer, for Kaleb in the form of a new Lego Friends set, and for Mason new trucks).  Kaleb woke up with a very Joey Lawrence-like “Whoa!  Mason woke up much the same way when she showed him his new trucks (his very loud trucks.  Thank you Sho-Sho for both saving and ruining my day all in the same move!). Kaleb then ate his lunch, and painstakingly built his new Lego Friends set, only asking for help to find pieces, otherwise waving me off saying “I can do it mommy, I can do it.”

The whole time he was building I was pleased to see him keep it together when the pieces fell apart or didn’t fit right; even when he had leftover pieces and had to go back to see where he missed something.  Once it was built he flew it around the house, showing it to Mason, and he even kept it together when Mason slammed into him and he dropped the new Lego plane on the tile (thus scattering half of the newly built pieces).  He calmly asked for help and put it back together without batting an eye.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to wonder when I fell down a rabbit hole.

He ate his dinner and put on his p.j.s with no argument, (thus cementing my belief that I really must be in a coma and having some drug addled dreams).  When Mason came up to me hollering “Uh oh!  OH no!  Diyy Diyy!  Heow heow!  Yo ho ho!  Yo ho ho!  Diyy!  Diyy!” I followed along and pulled down Bucky for him (see, what he was actually saying in Masoneese was “Uh oh!  Oh no!  Ding Ding!  Help!  Help!  Yo ho ho! *AKA pirates* Yo ho ho! Ding!  Ding!”  Which I know means he needs Bucky so he can ring Bucky’s bell like Jake is doing – and you thought I wasn’t psychic, tsk tsk).

Not realizing that I handed Mason Kaleb’s Bucky (okay, I’m not that psychic).  Kaleb noticed right away, but instead of freaking out and insisting that Mason play with his own Bucky, he told me very calmly that I gave Mason the wrong Bucky.  Since Mason was already happily playing, I asked Kaleb if it would be okay for Mase to play with his Bucky, since he was playing with his new airplane.  He went totally still for a moment, and I thought Oh crap.  Good goin’ mommy.  Way to ruin the good streak.  But he nodded, and said “Okay Mommy.  Mason can play with my Bucky.  But only if he doesn’t destroy it.”  I solemnly vowed to not let Mase destroy it, and off Kaleb went to play with his plane some more.

Then, the icing on the cake?   Five minutes ago he gave me a hug, told me he loves me, did the same with Mason and Milo, and headed to his room.  When I asked him what he was doing he told me “I’m still so very tired now mommy.  I’m all done building my new Lego Friends so I’m going to go back to sleep.  May I please have Madagascar?”

Um, let me think about this for a minute kid… Heck yes you can have some freakin’ Madagascar!  You can have all three of them!  You can sing “Move it Move it” for the rest of the week for all I care!

So, now he is in bed, with his new plane, watching Madagascar 2 (“I want Alex’s mommy and daddy”), curled up with his blankie and milk, half asleep.  It wasn’t but thirty seconds later Mason dragged me into his room, pointed at his tv, signed “car please”, curled up in bed, and said “Nigh’ night!”

I am insanely proud of my Monsters today.  I’m impressed, and simply thrilled with how enjoyable this day turned out to be (once I got off the phone and finished freaking out to half the world that is).

I don’t know what I did to deserve this day, but I’m off to eat my cupcakes while I’m on a hot streak!

(Footnote:  Mom, don’t shoot me!  These are awesome pictures!  I love you!  And my cupcakes!)

Sho-Sho & The Mini Monster

Sho-Sho & The Mini Monster

Sho-Sho & The Monster Man

Sho-Sho & The Monster Man


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