Story of My Life…

Oh this day just keeps getting better.

Kaleb has a Blankie.  It’s the comforter from his nursery set.  He’s been carrying this thing with him, by the tag, since his first ear infection just before his first birthday.  The fabric around this tag has been worn so thin I’ve had to stitch it together time and time again.  Well, this time he really went and did it.

Kaleb ripped a big hole in his blankie. Big enough, that for the first time, I couldn’t just stitch it back together – it needed to be patched.

I am not a seamstress. I am not even close to a seamstress. The Blankie already looks like something out of a Tim Burton nightmare thanks to my incredible sewing skills.  When I sew buttons back on pants – they usually fall off in the washer.  This is how terrific I am at sewing.

So, now he’s having as close to a panic attack as he’s ever gotten, and I’m starting to panic myself. Where on earth am I going to find something to patch this with?  I don’t really want to cut up one of my shirts, and it’s not as if I just keep random scraps of fabric hanging around the house. As far as I know, there is only one random scrap of fabric – and it’s been sitting on a shelf in my closet for years. I wouldn’t have even remembered it was there if I hadn’t just been cleaning my closet two hours ago.  So, I grabbed it, ran to the garage, and did my best to minimalize Blankie’s damage…

Congratulations Kaleb. You now are probably the only 5 year old in the world with a Social Distortion patch on your blankie.
I don’t know if I should be proud that he’s such a badass, or if I should hide my head in the sand.


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