Have a Holly Jolly Christmas…

Merry Christmas Eve!  Okay, I apparently forgot to actually publish yesterday’s blog, so yep, I’m looking a bit silly, but it’s all good.

Today is Christmas Eve and I cannot wait for tomorrow!!  Mostly because I think we got the kids some super cool gifts, and I’m stoked at the idea that they might actually like one of them!  Also because it’s Christmas, and Christmas is my favorite day EVER!  Kaleb however, well…

He’s excited about Christmas – then he forgets Christmas and is mean, pushy, yelly (yeah, deal with the made up word), abrasive, and downright not good. Then I remind him that Santa is coming.  Then he tells me Santa is not coming for another three days.  I inform him that Christmas is, in fact, one day away – tomorrow.  To which he replied (the first time we had this talk) “GASP!  Oh no  Mommy we have to hurry!  We have to make the pies before Santa comes and it’s too late and it’s Christmas FOREVER!”  Now at this point, I’m not sure what he means by that.  Yes, we do have pies to make – but mostly because I’ve been dying to make pies with him since my Nana gave me the pie tins I used as a kid.  Christmas forever??  Well, I could see certain parts of that being awesome.  Then I think about my insanely unpleasant excursion to Walmart this morning, and think nooooo.  I’d end up hating shopping – and I love shopping (for anything but jeans).

We went shopping yesterday to get our last minute items (I don’t know why, but Mason is so much easier to shop for this year than Kaleb – and we needed to even them out).  Toys R Us wasn’t terrible – yeah, the place was a disaster, and a virtual mine field of shopping carts, but people were generally being pleasant, so it wasn’t awful.  Sam’s was much the same – though we did dawdle quite a bit.  We opted to put off Walmart until this morning seeing as how we only needed a few grocery items, and it was getting late.

The next thing I know, it’s 10pm and the boys’ Grandma called because she couldn’t find one of the gifts on Kaleb’s list – a really cool one at that!  So, a bit of Google and a few questions later and I’m on my way to Target.  Where I end up on my hands and knees, half inside the bottom shelf of a rack digging to get the very last one that some unfortunate soul tried to hide.  Mission accomplished and it’s home to build Mason’s super cool new Power Wheels.  Of course, every year one of my favorite traditions is watching Daddy put together whatever the “big” gift is – usually with a camera in one hand and a beer in the other.  This is largely because my “Man’s man” likes to skim the instructions (though 99% of the time he really does know what he’s doing – that’s why he is doing it and not me – I’d have sat there all night long scratching my head going whaaaaat?) – and it just so happens that each Christmas gift that requires building is always screwy in some way.

Take, for example, the fact that last year Daddy and Grandpa had to go back to the store many times because the bicycle they had gotten for Kaleb was a virtual disaster (halfway done building it, I ask where the seat is… and then we realize it didn’t come with a seat.  Seriously).  So this year’s problems were small – especially compared with Kaleb’s Jeep – that thing was a nightmare (again, for him, I’m really not much help in this department – I just do the shopping).  Two backward tires (don’t ask, but I’m still laughing to myself), and too many left over screws fulfilled my need for holiday entertainment!

Now, I’m off to give my walking disaster of a 5 year old acrylic paint so we can finish our ornaments, bake some pies, throw a going away party for Watson (our Elf), eat dinner, open Nana & Poppy’s presents, put out cookies, milk and carrots, and off to bed!  Of course, we still have to do, but the kids will be dreaming of… well, who knows what, as long as they’re asleep!



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