Dogs of War…

Merry Christmas Eve – Eve!  Yes, I’m that person.  It’s the one time of the year I’m pretty much guaranteed to be disturbingly chipper almost all of the time.

My dog has lost his mind.  He’s always been a bit absurdly protective when I’m in bed – but more or less he would just lay and his bed and growl when someone walked down the hallway.  Didn’t matter who it was or what time it was, he would just lay there and growl (no matter how many pillows I threw or soothing words I offered – depending on the time).  Now, right after I got him I became pregnant with Mason.  Which basically meant every time the dog got anywhere near my face I threw up.  So, my crazy, weird, needy little dog learned not to climb up on me.  So even though he has always followed me around like Peter Pan’s shadow, and he’ll snuggle up to me on the couch, he’s never been my lap dog.  Partly now because he’s fat (Mason has GOT to stop feeding him before he ends up with either diabetes or a heart attack), partly because he sheds like nothing I have ever seen, and partly because that’s just the way it’s always been.

A few months back I recognized that I had in a way neglected Milo in favor of the kids, and decided to fix it.  So I let him sit in my lap (the minute he licks my ear he’s gone) when we’re out on the porch, I make sure to pay a bit more attention to him when I come in the house and am greeting everyone, and so on.  Well now he’s just gone mental.  Every time someone walks into the bedroom and I’m in bed he acts like a lunatic.  It could be Kaleb, or his Daddy, hell, it could be The Ghost of Christmas Past and he’d still go ape s**t.  Even though he knows who it is, even when I’m telling him to give it a rest or other such things, he goes all Cujo on me.  His big dog complex was bad enough before, I shouldn’t have made him my lap dog.





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