Tick Tock

While looking for my hat, I make a comment to Kaleb regarding him getting up in the middle of the night. He says “But Mommy, I don’t like the noises in my room.” Oh jeez, we’re not going to have to go through another ghostbuster event are we? I ask what noises he’s talking about – “The ‘tick tick tick’ noises mommy. I don’t like them.” Seriously, after months of being kicked in the head and having my pillow stolen, I finally learned the reason behind Kaleb’s bout of sleepwalking – the CLOCK??? I thought he liked the clock – turns out, he only likes it when he’s not asleep. Well, now I’m kicking MYSELF in the head thank you very much.

So, anybody want a $3.00 Walmart wall clock??  Because I have half a mind to smash this little piece of plastic for the all the misery it’s caused me over the past 5 months!  I will hold off on grabbing the hammer until Friday – if I can make it five whole nights without a Monster in my bed, I’m going to smash that thing into so many pieces it will be unrecognizable – and I will do it with the kind of glee worthy of a seat at the Mad Hatter’s table.

Though I suppose I should be grateful that he’s not talking to ghosts again.  Yeah, that happened.  Get over it.  We are, as they say, all quite mad here.

Early Morning Arts & Crafts

For the second time this week I woke up at 5am to Kaleb sitting in my bed with a piece of paper, a marker, and a pair of safety scissors – drawing and cutting while singing a song about rainbows. If it weren’t for the fact that he had both a marker and scissors in the bed, it might be kinda cute! Of course, when I inform him that he is to use markers and scissors in the office only, he gets mad. He then goes directly to Mason’s gate, and starts yelling “Mason! It’s morning time! We have to wake up and play now! Wake up now Mase!” So… in the past 3 hours I’ve managed to get my kitchen clean, get the holiday & Monster Marcher bins organized, made breakfast, played with farm animals, and helped Kaleb make a new story book. Now, on to convince Mason that ALL of his cars are NOT going to fit in his bucket.

Actually accomplishing things at 5am is made all the more impressive for me because I woke up at 3am with Kaleb’s head on my stomach, and his foot in my face.  We do not have a family bed.  I’ve always been of the belief that my kids have their own beds, they were made to sleep in – there’s no reason for them to be in ours.  My bed is the only place in the house I know I won’t find stray toys, sippy cups, markers, paper scraps, snacks, or other unpleasant surprises.  Unfortunately, Kaleb has started sleep walking in the past few months, and tends to come directly to my bed.  For this I am partly grateful (at least he isn’t climbing out his bedroom window again), but mostly frustrated, as it has completely murdered any chance I have for a peaceful night of sleep – something I rarely get since his night terrors started at 8 months old.

Sure, I could get up and carry him back to his bed.  But at 3am, asking me to lift my nearly 60lb 5 year old and walk to the other end of the house is basically the equivalent of expecting me to lasso the moon.  Not gonna happen.  His developmental pediatrician told me to lock my bedroom door – which I did for a while, and for a while it worked.  However, when Mason wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, I find my self walking face-first into the door while I rush to him in my half asleep state.  It’s bad enough when one of the kids gives me a bloody nose – it’s a bit embarrassing to do it to myself!

Anyway, I guess we’ll all take a nap today (NOT!).

Rabbit Hole

I don’t really know what I’m doing.  Truth be told, I’ve never really understood blogging.  However, there’s only so many times I can be told to start one, by so many different people, before I decide to traverse the unknown waters and jump on board.  So, welcome!  Be patient, I’m a little crazy, and I might just not make sense sometimes.

Long story short (I promise you’ll get more details – or is it deets? – as we go along) – I’m a mom.  I have two boys, ages 5 and 2.  My 5 year old, Kaleb (AKA The Monster Man) was diagnosed with autism 2 years ago.  30 hours after my second son, Mason (AKA The Mini Monster) was born as a matter of fact.  Mason is on his way to an evaluation as well.

Before you go any further – if you pity me in any way I will cyber punch you right out of this site.  I don’t want pity, I don’t need it.  My life is insane, hectic, and induces a good deal of hair-pulling moments.  But it’s fun, it’s unique, and well, even though I’ll go grey early, you won’t even notice once you see the laugh lines that are sure to be etched in my face.  So no pity.  No “I feel sorry for you”, no “I could never do what you do”, just sit back, and enjoy the ride.

I’ve been using Facebook as a way to vent for years – evidently it was time for an upgrade, so here we are.  I suppose I’ll just start off where I was on there, and work my way around.  Or something like that.  We’ll see.  Welcome to the Rabbit Hole my friends – you’re about to be introduced to some very interesting characters.

A glimpse into my evening:

Had a ‎30 minute fight with Kaleb because he wanted bread for dinner – just bread, not a sandwich or even toast – just plain bread. I finally convinced him to have bread with his pasta (only he didn’t actually eat the pasta). Mason ate half of his food, realize I’d left the box of Christmas tree ornaments unattended, put his plate on the floor for the dog and took off to snatch as many bulbs as he could before running into his room, closing the gate, turning off the light, and yelling “Nigh-night!” I decided that is SO not going to work this time, so (after chasing the dog away from Mason’s plate) I took them back. Now he’s gone all Godzilla on the house and his brother. Kaleb (while hiding from Mason next to my desk) said “Mommy, why did you make Mason go crazy skates?” *sigh* Shoulda just let the kid have another armful of bulbs.

Fun Fact:  Mason is obsessed with balls – we have got bins and buckets of balls all over this house.  He basically went berserk when he saw the bin of Christmas Bulbs that I took out of the attic.  He’s already managed to make off with one handful, using the same ploy as he did this evening.  I let it go then.  Probably should have let it go tonight too