Ho Ho… Hold on, what about me?

How do you make a 5 year old, with the academic capabilities of an 8 year old, and the mental/emotional age of a 3 year old understand the idea of gift giving?  Especially when he genuinely believes the world revolves around him?

Kaleb’s class is doing their Secret Santa Shop today.  For those of you who don’t know what that is – don’t feel bad.  Until a month ago I had no idea either.  The PTA (yeah, I’m a total PTA mom) sets up this little shop in the school each year – basically, there are all kinds of items ranging from $.25 to $10.00 that the kids can buy.  The parents send in an order envelope, with a list of who the child can buy for, and how much he/she can spend along with a check/cash.  Throughout the week each class gets to have 30 minutes in the shop to buy Christmas presents for everyone on their list.  Basically, it’s a really nice way for the kids to pick out something for everyone all by themselves.

I filled out Kaleb’s envelope last week and sent it in on Monday.  When I read the list to him, and asked if there was anyone else he wanted to buy for, his response was “Me!  You forgot Kaleb mommy!  Look!”  *He then proceeds to list everyone I’ve written down*   “Oh!  Look, you forgot Milo too!  Kaleb and Milo mommy!”  I proceeded to put Milo’s name on the list, and did my best to explain that this was to give gifts to other people, he didn’t have to buy himself a gift, that’s what Mommy, Daddy, and Santa are for.

No dice.  Walking to the bus this morning, I try once again to explain to him what he’s going to do today (of course, I do this so stuffed up I can barely hear myself, and was probably shouting).  Once again he gets mad and informs me that I forgot Kaleb.  Well, no.  I could never forget Kaleb – but this isn’t about Kaleb.  He’s not buying it.

I ended up sticking a note in his backpack asking his teacher to make sure he didn’t buy $35.00 worth of glow in the dark slime.


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