Sophia – the princess from hell

Dear Disney Jr. – Thank you SO much for continuously playing advertisements for Sophia The First:  Once Upon A Princess.  Really, thank you.  As a direct result of your persistence, my morning started off with a BANG – literally.

Kaleb in all of his obsessive compulsive glory, has become fixated on this movie/soon to be new show.  Five days ago he wrote out the title, drew a tv, wrote the title once again in the tv, made some weird remote looking contraption under the tv – then he cut out each piece, and taped them all back together again.  Do not ask me the reason behind this, because odds are good I will never know.  What I do know is that his “Sophiathefirstonceuponaprincesstv” (said just like that) has gone everywhere with him since it’s creation.  Everywhere includes bed.  Where he drools.

At 6:20 this morning Kaleb picked up his “Sophiathefirstonceuponaprincesstv” and discovered that there were water marks – which had smudged his marker.  He tried to blame Mason for this (it was drool, I’m sure), but before he could even get the blame out, he had a complete meltdown.  Right there in the office, one leg in his pants, one leg out – chaos ensued.  In between the bouts of screaming, I can make out him saying he needs a new one.  I then try to explain that he has to wait until after school – because that took him a long time, and we really don’t have much time before the bus gets here.

More screaming, hair-pulling, rolling around, kicking – and of course (even though I really should know better) I get down on the floor with him in an attempt to contain him before he gets hurt, and my face is introduced to the coffee table.  Eventually, I grab a piece of paper and a marker, draw out another “Sophiathefirstonceuponaprincesstv” as best I can, and give it to him.  As calmly as if nothing happened, he gets up, puts his pants and socks on, waits patiently while I put his shoes on him, grabs his backpack and out we go.  I will count myself lucky if I don’t have a black eye.  Of course, he took the paper and the marker with him.  His bus driver was less than pleased to see him get on the bus with marker in hand – but hey, what are you gonna do?


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