Cry Baby

Kaleb thinks Disney Jr. made me cry (he might not be wrong one of these days!).

When he got home from school today he was furious because I had the tv on “Pop Hits”, not Christmas music.  So, I told him what numbers to punch into the remote to get the Christmas music back.  Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to make chili.  About 30 seconds after he puts on Christmas music, he comes running back out and tells me he needs to watch Disney Jr. instead.  As I cut into the most potent onion I’ve diced in a long time, I tell him to get the remote so I can show him what button to hit.  When he comes back to the kitchen my eyes are watering like mad, and there is nothing I can do to stop it (I even half froze the thing, it was that strong).  He takes one look at me and stops in his tracks.  Then he says:

“Mommy, it’s okay, don’t be sad.  We like Disney Jr!”

I just about fell over laughing.  I tried to explain that onions make your eyes water – he didn’t believe me.  He got right up to the cutting board and informed me that onions don’t cry because they don’t have eyes.  About 5 seconds later he’s yelling because his eyes are watery.  Silly bear.

On the plus side, he learned how to use a can opener (although, it would probably worth my while just to cave and get an electric one).  He fed Mason a spoonful before I separated some to sugar down (it’s a bit to spicy for the Mini Monster yet) – now Mason’s nose isn’t stuffed up anymore, and surprisingly, the kid came back for more.  Now if I could just get them to wash dishes!


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