The Griswolds in the Monster’s Mansion

I feel like Clark Griswold right now.  I don’t understand.  I spent HOURS last year carefully wrapping all of our strings of lights – then used two zip-ties per string to keep them all nice and neat… how is it that I’ve just spent nearly as much time trying to untangle them as I did trying to prevent the tangling in the first place??

Of course, it doesn’t help that Kaleb and Mason have a new favorite game – I’m going to name it “wrap ourselves up like mummies with Christmas lights, laugh hysterically, then laugh even harder when we see the look of horror mixed with resignation on mommy’s face!”

Luckily, I only have one room left to string lights up.  Then I get a break until we get the tree – unless I decide that it’s a good idea to tackle the outside lights myself – a venture I have seriously had to talk myself out of multiple times now, while standing in the attic staring at the box of icicles.  The conversation has gone something like this:

“You’re afraid of being on a ladder.”   “But I’m getting pretty good at it.  I mean, look at the kitchen lights, and the stickers on the wall!”  “You have no idea what you’re doing”  “I could figure it out.  How hard could it be?”  “Um, hard enough not to do it.”  “Point taken.”

With that decided, I’m off to unwrap my children (again) before one of them tries to plug himself in.


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